Sports exhaust system

With modified main mufflers.

Please note: Please note the additional items subject to charge according to the Installation and Conversion Instructions. Further information is available from your Porsche partner. A manufacturer’s certificate must be requested from your Porsche partner for installation.

Part number: 970 044 200 32

Modified rear muffler including twin tailpipe trims in stainless steel.
Note: An additional button for activating the sports exhaust system is integrated in the control panel of the center console.
Unlike the sports exhaust system, available as an option from the factory for the Panamera Turbo and Panamera Turbo S models, the Sound Symposer – which provides an optimised sound in the passenger compartment – is not part of the scope of supply.

Available for:
    • Panamera Turbo
    • Panamera Turbo S
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