Roof Tent

Passionate Porsche enthusiasts can now spend nights in the immediate vicinity of their sports car. And let the Porsche roof tent bring your adventurous day to an end – preferably in the middle of nature. The elevated reclining position offers a wonderful view of forest and meadows, mountains and lakes. Those who want to can also gaze up through the skylight and go on an adventurous discovery of the night sky. In addition to the Skyview skylight, the roof tent has two side windows. They can be opened completely for ventilation and closed at night with an insect screen as well as an additional blackout screen. While driving, the 2-person tent is safely stowed in an exclusive hard shell case.

The hard shell case, designed at the Weissach development center, is available in black/light gray or black/dark gray. It was designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See and features the distinctive matte black "PORSCHE" lettering on both sides. This all-season tent features a breathable cotton blend fabric, waterproof zippers and an extra rain cover for the access hatch. The side walls are a special eye-catching feature. They quote the iconic 911 fly line and are also printed with the "PORSCHE" logo. But the interior also has several highlights, such as the well-insulated, light gray quilted lining printed with a mountain silhouette at the top end. The quilted pattern resonates on the integrated, high-density polyfoam comfortable mattress.
The Porsche roof tent is attached to the base carrier roof transport system before driving and can be additionally outfitted with the anti-theft system. When you arrive at your vacation destination, you can set it up with just a few touches. After opening the two lockable safety tabs, the hard shell case is lifted slightly and unfolded, thanks to support from two gas pressure shock absorbers. The underbody foot section can then be unfolded and stabilized using the integrated telescopic ladders. Having already been unfolded, the tent then only needs to be shaped and tensioned with four spring rods.

Other Accessories
Additional Tequipment accessories are available for the roof tent in the future, including an inner tent for better thermal insulation, a thermal blanket for cool nights as well as practical shoe and bag organizers.

Dimensions and weights
- Dimensions (folded): 146 x 140 x 33 cm (length x width x height)
- Dimensions (unfolded): 258 x 257 x 118 cm (length x width x height)
- Seating area: 210 x 130 cm
- Weight: approx. 56 kg
- Maximum load when stationary (persons and luggage): approx. 190 kilograms (vehicles with roof rail) or approx. 140 kilograms (vehicles without roof rail)
- Maximum speed with roof tent mounted: 130 km/h

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Black/dark gray hard shell case

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Black/Light Gray hard shell case

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$7029 excl. tax

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